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Naturally First - a complete natural diet


Naturally First is our own range of pet foods and treats. It is designed to be low cost and affordable for everyone while being made to the highest of standards and covering all life stages and helping with any and all intolerances, allergies and any number of other problems modern pets may have.

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Why Hypoallergenic

Why hypoallergenic its the question we are most asked. It simply means a reduced risk of allergy or intolerence. Unfortunately most of the commercial brands out there contain things that make your pets, uncomfortable, itchy, full of wind, loose bowels just to name just a few. Hypoallergenic foods are less likely to do this to your pet.

Do's and Don'ts

Healthy Treats for Pets

Naturally First is a Super Premium Hypoallergenic range of foods, which is easily digestible and supremely tasty. All of our foods are wheat, wheat gluten, beef & dairy free, full of natural ingredients containing all the vitamins and minerals your pets need without the use of colourants and artificial flavourings.


Our range includes:

Super Premium Puppy & Small Dog.

Super Premium Chicken & Rice.

Super Premium Lamb & Rice

Super Premium Salmon & Potato.

Super Premium Senior/Light

Super Premium grain free Duck

Large range of High Meat Content grain free foods.

One of the most common bits of advice given is please "no human food", you may wonder why? Through years of experience and testing it has been found that more often the causes of intolerances, itchy skin obesity & many other problems are down to human food,  it just doesn't suit our pets.

Naturally First 50% meat

We stock a large number of healthy treats, so if you want to spoil them and not have to worry pop in we will guide you through them there always an option for your pet to try and we are always happy to give you a free sample.

​all4pets pet shop

At all4pets pet shopS in East Kilbride & Biggar we constantly try to source the most up to date products, we are always happy to trial new products for so if you discover something  new and you think its great let us know. Never be afraid to ask us any question no matter how trivial or "daft" you think it might be we often find these are the things that prove crucial when selecting specialist diets and treats.

Naturally First Range

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Our Naturally First range is specifically designed to find the right balance for your pet, using natural ingredients produces a food that is gentler and more palletable for even the most sensitive of pets which in turn has been proven to give you a healthier happier pet and at the same time not costing the earth. Feel free to come and chat to any of the team about any of our products and what we do.

We have now launched our own 50% meat grain free range with a puppy food and 4 whole of life stage foods and a senior light:

Puppy Chicken sweet potato & veg

Pork sweet potato & apple

Lamb sweet potato & mint

Turkey sweet potato & cranberry

Salmon sweet potato & asparagus

Duck sweet potato & orange

Senior Trout sweet potato & asparagus

Light Trout sweet potato & Asparagus



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